Jimmy Sarr’s album “We Fought Hard” is complete! This has been an incredible collaboration between Jimmy and so many talented individuals. Thank you to the producers, engineers, players, songwriters, creative directors, photographers, family, fans and friends for your hard work, dedication and support.

The title track “We Fought Hard” was written by hit Nashville songwriter John Kennedy. It is a haunting tale about two brothers growing up, becoming men, and the younger coping with the loss of his older brother being killed in combat while serving in the military together. This beautiful ballad is a TRIBUTE to those who serve and have served our Country! We salute you!

So, without further ado, the PREMIER of “We Fought Hard” off Jimmys Sarr’s new EP being released September 10th, 2016!

See you all at the Pre-Release Party. Grab a tissue and enjoy!

We Fought Hard

by Jimmy Sarr | We Fought Hard